No surprise in the latest climate change report

7 April 2014 The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should provide pause for thought on future decision making. (read article)

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What is Geography all about?

What is Geography all about?

Information about Geography

Penny Goddard

'My university papers added another dimension to my knowledge...'

Penny Goddard BSc in Geography
Avalanche Forecaster, Canadian Avalanche Centre
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Doug Dibley

'I really enjoyed the multitude of field trips and practical learning activities...'

Doug Dibley BSc (Hons) Geography
Sustainable Dairy Advisor, Fonterra
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Nick Cradock-Henry

'Geographers are well positioned to be at the forefront, leading the way in cutting edge and holistic assessments of global change'

Nick Cradock-Henry PhD in Geography
Researcher, Landcare
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Rewa Tomlinson

'I was impressed with the resources available to students...'

Rewa Tomlinson MA in Geography
Sustainable Dairy Advisor, Fonterra
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Ryan Falconer

'My degree was vital to my appointment as it was a precursor to my wider studies ...'

Ryan Falconer BA (Hon) MSc in Geography
Transport and Land Use Planner
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Simon Allan

'The range of courses offered at UC geography provides a theoretical understanding across many areas'

Simon Allan PhD in Geography
Project Scientist
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Taryn McQuinn

'Get amongst it! Canterbury offers so many opportunities, both social and academic to help you build your future'

Taryn McQuinn BSc. (Geog/Biol) PGDipSc (Envs)
Environmental Scientist Consultant, Beca
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Victoria Guyatt

'The skills, experience and confidence that I bought to this job are a product of my 5 years in Geography.'

Victoria Guyatt BSc (Hon), Msc in Geography
Senior Research Executive
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William Sabandar

'Geography has provided me with wider but comprehensive understanding on development issues'

William Sabandar PhD
Director - Post-Tsunami Rehabilitation
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Laura Bates

'...she discovered GIS and its immense potential to connect decision makers to invaluable information about the world around them.'

Laura Bates BSc Double Major Geog/Geol
GIS Analyst - Abley Transportation Consultants
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Erin Holmes

'Completing my Honours and Masters provided a number of opportunities which I otherwise would not have had.'

Erin Holmes BA(Hons) & MSc in 2007
Senior Advisor, National Health Committee
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Nenad Petrovic

'The knowledge I gained from studying both physical and human geography at the University of Canterbury is still with me to this day.'

Nenad Petrovic BSc Hons
Forecasting and research analyst
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Jana Newman

'I highly recommend the department to students with an interest in the environment'

Jana Newman BSc, GCAS, MSc in Geography
Environmental Advisor - Antarctica New Zealand
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Gareth Taylor

'Setting realistic goals and mapping a path to achieve them is very important as is having the perseverance to see it through, even when things are not going to plan'

Gareth Taylor PhD in Geography
Environmental Scientist at Jacobs (formerly SKM)
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Emma Kelland

'I believe I got this job because I had studied the Canterbury earthquakes at UC and my passion for the rebuild of the city would have helped me'

Emma Kelland MSc in Geography
Project Administrator, CERA
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Tim Kerr

'Geography introduced me to a lot of the weather and climate concepts that form the basis of my work'

Tim Kerr PhD Geography
Weather and climate computer forecaster and modeler (CEAZA),Chile
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Frontiers Abroad

Frontiers Abroad is an educational exchange program that gives students from US colleges and universities a remarkable learning adventure in New Zealand and the Pacific.
Students cross oceans and mountains, learning about climate, biology, geology  and environmental science in New Zealand and the Cook Islands.

A multidisciplinary group of UC academics from Geography, Geology, Biological Sciences teach into Frontiers Abroad, giving this program a strong intellectual basis.
Field studies on Banks Peninsula, the Kaikoura coast, the Cook Islands, the Southern Alps and NZ's wild west coast give students a broad perspective - and a close-up, hands-on learning experience. Check out our video on the program in the Geography videos section below.

NZCS Student Research Scholarship 2014

The society offers two scholarships annually to students conducting research that has the potential to contribute towards the aims of the society:
  • NZ$5000 to support PHD research,
  • NZ$2500 to support Masters research.
Applications close 5pm on 1st May 2014
For an application form please visit our website

Why Geography Is The Best Subject To Study At University.. Ever

Recent articles that are worth a read if you are contemplating doing Geography.

What makes psychology and geography grads the most employable?

Why Geography Is The Best Subject To Study At University.. Ever

Dr Deirdre Hart talks about the major flood in ChristchurchFlooding

Drs Deirdre Hart (Geography) and Sonia Giovinazzi (Engineering), and Geography Masters student Su Young Ko talk about their international research project on the effects of earthquakes on urban lifelines systems and flooding hazards:  -Earthquake - Flooding Multi-hazards

In relation to this project, Dr Deirdre Hart talks on Radio NZ’s Checkpoint about the major flood event in Christchurch, 5th March, 2014 and what the Engineering-Geography research team are discovering about changes to hazard risks in our city post-quake. To listen to the interview.

For a copy of her What if Wednesday talk "What if Christcurch's sea-levels rose higher" (pdf)


UC quadcopter helping in the Christchurch rebuild

The state of the art Geography operated quadcopter is helping provide video footage of earthquake damaged homes along clifftop edges in the Port Hills. Pilot Nic Key and Paul Bealing have made a number of flights focusing on the damaged houses in Red zones where it was too dangerous for people to inspect from the ground...more 

UC Geog Videos